DC Tax Forms 2019

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Washington DC Form D-40
Washington DC Form D-40 2018

Washington DC Individual Income Tax Return (Long)

Washington, D.C. residents who filed a federal tax return must file a return with Washington, D.C. using Form D-40, the long Washington DC Individual Income Tax Return. Part-year residents also file Form D-40, while nonresidents should file Form D-40B.

Washington DC Form D-40B
Washington DC Form D-40B 2018

Washington DC Individual Non-resident Income Tax Return

Form D-40B is the form all Washington D.C. nonresidents need to file their Washington D.C. tax returns. Although Form D-40B may be supplemented by additional forms and schedules, it is required in all Washington D.C. part-year and nonresident returns.

Washington DC Form D-40EZ
Washington DC Form D-40EZ 2018

Washington DC Income Tax Return for Single and Joint Filers with No Dependents

Form D-40EZ is the short form Washington D.C. residents need to file their Washington D.C. tax returns. There are requirements a taxpayer must meet in order to file with Form D-40EZ, unlike with Form D-40. These requirements can be found in the D-40EZ instructions. Any taxpayers who did no qualify to use Form D-40EZ must file their returns with Form D-40. Although Form D-40 or D-40EZ may be supplemented with additional forms and schedules, Form D-40 or D-40EZ must be present in all Washington D.C. resident and part-year resident returns.

Washington, D.C. Form FR-127
Washington, D.C. Form FR-127 2018

Washington, D.C. Extension of Time to File a DC Income Tax Return Worksheet

The FR-127 form is used for Washington, D.C. residents who seek an extension of the filing deadline for their state income tax returns. Successfully filing the FR-127 automatically allows Washington, D.C. residents a six month extension to file their D-40 or D-40B state income tax returns.

Washington DC Schedule U
Washington DC Schedule U 2011

Washington DC Additional Miscellaneous Credits and Contributions Schedule

Schedule U is a supplemental schedule that should be filed with Form D-40. Schedule U allows D.C. residents to declare certain credits and contributions. One of the most important credits that Schedule U offers is the credit for tax paid to another state. This credit alleviates D.C. residents who work in other states from having to facing dual taxation on the income they earned outside of D.C. Without filing this schedule such income would be taxed by D.C. (the state of residency) and the other state (where the income was earned). Make sure to file Schedule U, to obtain various credits and contributions (such as the one mentioned above), and attach it to Form D-40 to complete your Washington D.C. resident return.

DC Tax Forms Mailing Addresses

Here are the mailing addresses available for DC. Please note that some specific forms might have a different addresses. Please check the Form's instructions before using any addresses listed here.


General Address
OTR Customer Service Center
1101 4th Street, SW, Suite W270
(202) 727-4TAX (727-4829)
Income Tax Returns
(Payment Included)

Office of Tax and Revenue
PO Box 7182
Washington, DC 20044-7182
Income Tax Returns
(No Tax or Refund Owed)

Office of Tax and Revenue
PO Box 209
Washington, DC 20044-0209